Mid-State Seamless chooses to use best in industry product and materials. Our aluminum gutter material is “best-grade” in industry; as well as the thickest gauge (.032) able to run through our commercial gutter machines. Couple this with the industries best hangers. The quality of the Hangtite brand hanger is the measure by which all other hanger manufacturers aspire to achieve. We are so certain of the quality of our gutters we’ve extended a lifetime warranty to our customers.

We are certain when we couple premier product with the industries best installation crews we can achieve extraordinary results. The evidence is overwhelming. Our customers have year over year ranked Mid-State Seamless Gutters as the premier provider of seamless gutter and leaf protection services. Ever since 2011 our customers have spoken loudly. Hence, Angie’s List (the pulse of the consumer)has awarded Mid-State Seamless Gutters with the prestigious – “Super Service Award”. In addition the BBB has given us an A+ rating. We are proud of our achievements and would welcome along another satisfied customer.

Gutter Material

– Aluma Kore Aluminum
– Nominal .032” thick aluminum
– (Polyester enamel finish)
– Alloy 3105
– Hardness/temper H- 15
– Nominal .027” thick aluminum
– (PVC Plastisol finish)
– Alloy 3105
– Hardness/temper H- 15
– Aluminum Tensile strength (psi) 26,000

Top Coat – Valspar ” Ultra-Flex” thermo setting polyester system Back coat – Polyester corrosion resisting coating


Sampson gutter hangers are by far the best hanger out there. When installing a gutter made of the best product you need the best hanger to keep that gutter on your home. A 2-foot piece of gutter filled with water weighs 15 pounds; your standard hanger will bend over at 15 pounds. Sampson Hanger can hold over 80 pounds of weight. Samson gutter hangers are manufactured in high strength, aircraft alloy aluminum. These are by far the best Minnesota gutter hangers, which is why Mid-State Seamless Gutters uses them. You choose if that is what you want on your home.

Premier Gutter Cover

Lifetime no clog warranty – It’s not perfect, but almost. The only thing you ever see is a few pine needles or helicopters sticking out of the screen. But when you go back a day or two later, they are usually gone. Why lie? There is nothing perfect in this world. Premier gutter cover is not a hood and not a screen, but it is the best of both. This guard can be installed on any roof, any gutter, with any amount of trees around. Premier comes in 4-foot sections so any one piece can be replaced at any time. Premier Gutter Cover has a strong, low profile design, which actually utilizes rainwater to self clean the cover.

The patented self-cleaning design features a louvered expanded metal section, which sheds large, medium and even most small debris from entering the Minnesota rain gutter system. PREMIER GUTTER COVER is unsurpassed in its versatility with roof and gutter styles, as well as its ability to handle extreme seasons and debris. The strong attractive powder coat finish, custom color matching and sleek design blends with any home. The affordable price makes the Premier gutter cover the smart choice. Lifetime No-Clog Warranty


These let all the water get into the gutter, which is good. But the screen is not perfect because it allows a lot the debris into the rain gutter. Screens are very weak and tend to cave in. This is especially true during our Minnesota winters with all of the snow load. Gutter screens are the cheapest way to give your Minnesota rain gutters the least amount of protection.

Covers, Bullnose

Leaf leaf guards keep some leafs and debris out of your gutters and the company typically has a good warranty. But the homeowner definitely pays for that warranty. Mid-State thinks that these are the worst investments for your home. Other covers cost way too much ( $19.00 to $30.00 a FOOT), they are very ineffective (on hard rain falls they pour over, many leaves get in), and they wreck the beauty of your home because they’re bulky and they stand out.

Some Minnesota gutter guards are a one-piece system in which the cover and gutter are one piece. As a result, what happens when a section of the cover gets dented up you have to replace the whole gutter. Plus they cannot install a one piece guard system on your existing gutters, so if your old rain gutters are still in good shape, you will still have to pay for new ones. Most of these covers cannot be installed on all roofs because the roof is either too steep or not the right roof material (metal, shingle, clay).

A leaf guard may also void your roof warranty because their gutter installers nail the gutter cover to your roof. Who wants unnecessary holes in their roof? Look at the picture of the competition or a bullnose and see if you think it will work! The only reason they are so popular is because the companies have MILLIONS of dollars a year to advertise their product. Get an affordable product that works instead of falling for the advertising dollar.


They’re inexpensive and they have a low profile. Mold heaven – it’s a big filter that gets stuffed into your gutter in which never dries out. So much stuff gets trapped in the filter, slowing the water flow down and making the gutters very heavy. A Minnesota leaf filter is like a tray that sits in your gutters and when the shingles hang over a little bit it creates a cave, which leave get trapped into.


Handle a good amount of water, keeps the large leaves and things out. The screen is so fine that it plugs up very easy, so when plugged the water will not flow very well. These covers also cost about the same as the other solutions.

Soffit and Fascia

Depending on the color, most of our products are made by Edco. With your soffit and fascia coming from the same company, you know the colors will blend together. Edcos Minnesota soffit and fascia line were engineered to help your soffit and attic breathe, the center vent soffit and full vent soffit help to control energy costs by lowering the interior attic temperature of the building during the summer and controlling familiar ice dam buildup on roofing during the winter. Edco developed these products to last a lifetime on your Minnesota home.

Copper Gutters

One of the oldest materials used in Minnesota rain gutter systems. This material has been used for decades. In fact, you can drive around an old part of town and maybe see copper rain gutters that are over 60 years old! They still have life in them. But more and more copper gutter systems are popping up all over. You see copper downspouts on more high-end elegant homes and also some copper gutters on some standard mid-range homes.

All copper rain gutter systems looks good on any Minnesota home. Most of the copper used in Minnesota is 16 ounce or 20 ounce. With a copper gutter system, the options are endless with all the sophisticated components that they make to go with the gutters. Every Minnesota copper gutter system is 100% custom from the start. That’s why we are a Minnesota copper professional gutter company.