Summer is in full swing, and our gutters are working overcome to handle to the thunderstorms, and all the debris left behind, after a long winter and spring. When we clear out the clutter from our gutters, it usually means a collection sticks and leaves and other remnants from Mother Nature deposited by the weather. But sometimes, sometimes, we find things in the gutter that don’t really belong. Maybe left by children playing, a repairman, or simply dropped from the beak of a passing bird, the gutter can be home to a much more interesting array of items than it usually gets credit for.

Like what, you ask? Read on to find out.


The Six Coolest, Strangest, and Most Unexpected Things Ever Found in the Gutter

Sports balls and equipment

This might not be as unexpected as some of the other things on the list. Your son or daughter hits a home run or throws the football a little too hard in the backyard and it ends up on the roof or in the gutter. It’s not something that belongs there, but certainly isn’t uncommon – and we could expand this topic to “hero” as well, as that is what you’ll certainly be when you climb up and save that ball from the gutter so the kids can keep playing.

Plus, you can make the ultimate Dad Joke about a throwing a “gutter ball,” right? Right? Okay, we’ll stop.

But some sports-related items are a little less common. Like a hockey puck? Well, maybe not as surprising in Minnesota, the Official State of Hockey. We’ll find hockey pucks just about anywhere – and we’ll play hockey just about anywhere as well, even on the roof (at least when mom and dad aren’t looking…)


The Six Coolest, Strangest, and Most Unexpected Things Ever Found in the Gutter

TV remote

We know that watching the stars is a beloved pastime of many, but unfortunately, you’re not allowed to change the channel on the night sky.

Maybe it was deposited by a vengeful wife looking to take away the football game from a husband who forgot to do the dishes. Or the mischievous child looking to a play a prank on his or her parents. Or maybe the repairman was looking to catch a flick while fixing a leak and the remote simply tumbled out of his hands.

No matter how it got up there, it certainly didn’t work after a long winter’s snow melted across it.


The Six Coolest, Strangest, and Most Unexpected Things Ever Found in the Gutter

A red high-heeled shoe

Gives a whole new meaning to the idea of “Walking on sunshine.” Perhaps Cinderella was dancing with the angels when she lost her shoe?

We’re really on a roll.

A work boot, say, something left behind those fixing your roof is odd enough, but a stiletto heel? That might be odder still. Perhaps it was the flip side to the TV remote tossed up we mentioned? The husband’s retaliation? Who knows for sure – but it’s certainly a new way to kick something out of the house.



Not those kinds of toys. Keep your mind out of the – ahem – gutter. Oh wait, really? It was that kind of toy? I guess an action figure or baseball card thrown out of a bedroom window wouldn’t be too much of a surprise, but there was a story of a, well, adult toy found in the gutter that conjures up all sorts of strange scenarios. We won’t think too hard about them (maybe it was just a really good hiding place?), or get anymore NSFW than we already have, but let’s just say this might top our list of strange things found in actually gutters, and strange things that do indeed put your mind there as well.



Dinner on the roof might sound like a romantic night – but make sure you clean up after! A couple in Wyoming discovered a fork and a wine glass in their gutter during spring cleaning. It seems their daughter had a date outside of her bedroom window and forget to bring everything inside the summer previous. Let’s just say the thunderstorm that following didn’t do a thorough job of cleaning, and things that should have been put in the dishwasher ended up in the gutter instead. Good news – they were still usable, after getting a good scrubbing, of course.


A puppy

Not a plastic puppy; not a toy: A honey-colored Shih Tzu was found shivering in a gutter by a couple in California. They were driving by when they spotted the furry little friend caught and unable to escape, malnourished, and wary of human touch. The story has a happy ending, however: With a little coaxing, and some patience, they got their new four-legged friend free and the female pup eventually came forward to snuggle into the woman’s lap. They brought her home, nursed her back to health, and named her after the color of her coat that had caught their eye in the first place: Honey.

Have you ever found something unexpected in your gutter? Let us know! We love hearing about the crazy, cool things people find in unexpected places.

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