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As a Minnesota homeowner, you will find out fast that if you have Minnesota Leaf Guards installed on your home, it will pay off. With gutter guards in place, you get rid of a lot of risks, such as no more climbing up and down that dangerous ladder and sticking your hand in who knows what (mud, mold, water, leafs, animal droppings, dead critters). If you have some Minnesota gutter cleaning professional come clean your rain gutter, it gets very costly. Depending on your tree coverage and size of your home, you could pay $100.00 to $600.00 a year. That is only to clean them. If they overflow, you got yourself into an even bigger mess (mold, rotting wood, gutters pulling away from home, etc). The rain gutters splash all over making a mess and now the water is not being controlled and is now beating next to your Minnesota foundation.

Mike: “I have talked to an apartment manager in Saint Paul, Minnesota that said they forgot to get their gutters cleaned out and in the summer of 2009, during a hard rainfall, their rain gutters backed up and flooded two apartments, causing thousands of dollars in damage.” So millions have had Premier gutter cover installed and so should you.

Now to prevent those Minnesota copper rain gutters from backing up, call Mid-State Seamless Gutters at 612-801-1151(a small local family operated company) today. Mid-State will be very happy to meet you at your home and go over the different types of leaf guards and guards. The leaf guard gutter cover we prefer to use is called Premier gutter cover (premiercoverllc.com), which is a cross breed between a cover and screen. We have found this guard to perform the best in Minnesota when installed by Mid-State Seamless. Premier gutter leaf system works on all types of roofs from a 4/12 pith roof to 10/12 pitch roof, or from a shingle roof to a steel roof. There is not a gutter that this leaf protection cover can’t go on. There is no need to replace your old gutters if they are still good, Premier gutter cover can be installed on your existing gutters, which drops the cost of the installation in half.

Don’t get sucked into that big gutter company (the guys with their leaf guards, bullnose or caps that don’t even work – just hold them under your faucet and watch them pour over) then send a salesman to your home (that has never installed a rain gutter) to tell you that their leaf cover is the only way to go for a hefty price of $19.00 to $30.00 a FOOT. That is overpriced. Besides, who wants to take a loan out for rain gutters? That’s why you should call Mid-State Seamless Gutters to get a free in-home, no high pressure estimate on you new Minnesota copper seamless rain gutter guards.

The best way to get your information on gutter guard is to call and set up a free estimate and the owner/operator will come to your home. We will go over all your options from size and style, locations, color or copper, leaf protection, payment and why you should not use leaf guards. The family at Mid-State Seamless Gutters LLC is looking forward to your call!