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Minnesota home owners have contended with the life-long debate:  “to have gutter protection, or not”……”this is the question”!  Gutter systems are functionally designed to move water away from the homes foundation.  The reasons for this act are many.  We also acknowledge that clogged gutters impede water from reaching downspouts.  These remarks are seldom debated.

The debate often becomes, can we justify the investment?  And/or do these gutter protection systems work?  In most cases we must ask ourselves, do my gutters need to function properly?  Is my homes foundation important to me?  Are my walkways wet and/or icey? Is there the likelihood of physical damage to my walkways, foundation, and landscaping?  The short answer is often – yes.  Consequentially, you must decide how best to go about making the right decisions.

Start with consulting with a gutter expert (multiple if you are not satisfied).  They will help you decide which style of gutter protection is best for you.  Much of this is driven by the vegetation (plants, pine trees, oak trees, maple trees) which surrounds your gutter system.  Gutter guard’s level of effectiveness are driven by style and construction.

It’s important to do your due diligence when considering an investment in leaf covers for your gutters.  As gutter experts we must be prepared to ask the right kinds of questions in order to propose the right kind of solution.  It’s important to note there are several grades, styles, and pricing considerations.

Over the course of 11+ years Mid-State Seamless Gutters has worked with a multitude of gutter cover manufacturers.  We’ve found not all covers are/were created equally.  Additionally, we’ve learned we must be extremely aware of those making the “#1 gutter cover product in the world” claim.  According to whom do we arrive at this conclusion?  Moreover, when did you hold this prestigious position of “#1 cover product in the world”?  More importantly, are the providers of the gutter cover protection – company representatives and/or gutter systems experts?  Be aware of the difference…………..

Be sure to consult with reputable research organizations – “not for profit” experts.  One of the countries leading organizations NCR has years of experience testing gutter protection systems.  We encourage all of our prospective customers to visit their website:  gutterprotectionreview.org

We’ve have found for the discerning customer the Valor Product to be the best overall product in the industry.  We support this remark by essentially having installed it for the past several years.  We have proudly installed much of this product (#1 and, or #2 installer nationwide), with much praise from our extensive base of customers.  Lastly, the NCR group has taken this product through their extensive testing criterion; and has ranked them the #1 cover in the industry (see details at gutterprotectionreview.org).  We also encourage you to visit the Valor Cover website:  valorgg.com

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Reach-out directly to a Mid-State Seamless Gutters representative to assist in your search for gutter leaf covers.  We are confident we will find the right cover solution to meet your specific needs.