Rain gutters are vital to a home as they quickly and efficiently control and channel rainwater safely to a downspout. Homeowners now have more gutter options to choose from than ever before. The roof design and size of the home are certainly important in the type of rain gutter that is the best fit.

Rectangular style rain gutters are the most common. However, there are also rounded and custom designs available and the color choices are nearly endless. Homeowners also have their choice of metal finishes including aluminum, copper, and stainless steel. Gutter styling choices can range from sleek and modern to worn to classic.

Rain gutters can be blended in to fit with the style of the homeowner’s roof. The color of the gutter can be chosen to match the trim color o the house. For example, the owner of a colonial style home could choose K-style gutters designed to imitate colonial style crown molding. If your home is older, lead or copper gutter medallions and decorate downspouts can add architectural flair and value to a home.

There are many gutter companies that provide quality gutter installation and materials. Some gutter companies may also perform roofing, windows, siding, and carpentry work, allowing the customer to combine multiple exterior home projects. A good gutter company can recommend materials and styles that fit best with the home. Half round gutters in a steel or copper blend can work well in older homes and with rounded rooflines. Whichever style you choose, rain gutters may also have warranties guaranteeing the product for many years.