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Mid-State Seamless chooses to use best in industry product and materials. Our aluminum gutter material is “best-grade” in industry; as well as the thickest gauge (.032) able to run through our commercial gutter machines. Couple this with the industries best hangers. The quality of the Hangtite brand hanger is the measure by which all other hanger manufacturers aspire to achieve. We are so certain of the quality of our gutters we’ve extended a lifetime warranty to our customers.

We are certain when we couple premier product with the industries best installation crews we can achieve extraordinary results. The evidence is overwhelming. Our customers have year over year ranked Mid-State Seamless Gutters as the premier provider of seamless gutter and leaf protection services. Ever since 2011 our customers have spoken loudly. Hence, Angie’s List (the pulse of the consumer)has awarded Mid-State Seamless Gutters with the prestigious – “Super Service Award”. In addition the BBB has given us an A+ rating. We are proud of our achievements and would welcome along another satisfied customer.

Flashing is a component of the system often over-looked.  Flashing is a strip of aluminum which slides between the ice and water and the shingle of the roof; while duly dropping down aside the back wall of the gutter.  Many companies choose to take short cuts to save time and/or reduce installation costs.  Properly installed flashing ensures you are dropping water into the gutter.  Hence, there are consequences when flashing is not used.  Streaking and/or rotting of the fascia often occurs.  This can be costly and can aesthetically diminish the appearance of your home.
The Hangtite hanger is best in industry period.  A 2-foot piece of gutter filled with water weighs 15 pounds; your standard hanger will bend over at 15 pounds.  Moreover, in the hanger performance industry strength is everything.  Nonetheless, the industry has not created any standardized testing.  Hence, Hangtite has developed a “pull test”.  Essentially, the pull test determines what the actual pull pounds industry hangers able to support.  At the end of the day one clear leader emerged –  “Hangtite”.  Hangtite out performed their closest competitor by 60 pounds.  This outcome speaks volumes as Minnesota’s winters bring much snow and ice.  Hence, all gutter systems are not created equal without Hangtite Hangers.  Mid-State Seamless Gutters guarantee’s them for life.

Valor Gutter Guard is by in far the best leaf protection cover in the industry.  Having literally installed 10’s of thousands of feet of Valor over the course of the last six years, can we make this remark with no hesitation.  More importantly, Valors consecutive year over year #1 ranking according to NCR (not-for-profit testing organization), only reassures our position.  This top ranking was based on, but not limited to performance, durability, and affordability.

Couple this with a Mid-State Seamless Gutters “no-clog life-time warranty.”

We encourage you to visit the Valor Gutter Guard website @ www.valorgg.com  Additionally, we also encourage you to  visit the NCR website for an in depth assessment of their testing criterion @ gutterprotectionreview.org

As well as, feel free to reach out to us directly for additional product information at 612.801.1151

  • 98 % Recyclable metal – VERY IMPORTANT that whenever possible we are doing what we can to renew and recycle energy, as it’s often much more efficient and always better for our environment.
  • Alloy (metal made combining 2 or more metallic elements) is 3105
  • Heaviest gauge aluminum designed for our Minnesota winters – .32 Gutter Coil 3105 h-25
  • Downspout and elbow .024 Pipe coil 3105 h-26
  • Tensile Strength  defined as:  the resistance of a material breaking under tension.  Ultimate tensile strength :::Maximum stress metal can withstand being stretched or pulled – 3105 Aluminum @ 22,000 PSI
  • Paint thickness – Top side …7-.8 mils dry film thickness; Backside ….1-.2mils dry film thickness
Copper Gutters
One of the oldest materials used in Minnesota rain gutter systems. This material has been used for decades. In fact, you can drive around an old part of town and maybe see copper rain gutters that are over 60 years old! They still have life in them. But more and more copper gutter systems are popping up all over. You see copper downspouts on more high-end elegant homes and also some copper gutters on some standard mid-range homes.

All copper rain gutter systems looks good on any Minnesota home. Most of the copper used in Minnesota is 16 ounce or 20 ounce. With a copper gutter system, the options are endless with all the sophisticated components that they make to go with the gutters. Every Minnesota copper gutter system is 100% custom from the start. That’s why we are a Minnesota copper professional gutter company.